Monday, November 23, 2009

What I am Thankful For

We have had a busy November. Combined, Colton and I have attended four weddings in three weeks! We have had lots of fun celebrating with our friends but, boy, are we ready for some down time. Colton actually just returned from Lubbock yesterday so I am glad to see him. I always miss him when he is away, even if it is for just two days. He went to see Texas Tech play (beat) OU. I stayed behind in Fort Worth to attend two weddings, one for my college roommate and the other for a girl I was best friends with growing up. Both weddings were beautiful and I was so happy to spend time with old friends.

Colton and I will be staying here in Fort Worth for the Thanksgiving holiday. I am excited for him to share his first Thanksgiving with my family. We plan to spend the night at my parent's Wednesday and spend all day Thursday with them. We will spend Friday together watching football and hanging out with our friends. On Saturday, we are headed to the new Cowboys stadium to watch Tech play Baylor. I am helping my mother on Wednesday with the cooking and will be making noodles from scratch. I need the extra practice because I will try my hand at making them alone this Christmas for Colton's family.

I am so very happy to report the progress my students are making. It makes me so proud of them for their hard work. It also brings relief to me that they are finally doing much better. I guess it has taken them a little while to settle in to high school life.

I am working on a new "project" that I will be posting sometime on this board. It is sort of a "list" of things to do to make myself a better person. I am excited and I will share details soon.

Finally, I would like to share what I am thankful for since it seems fitting for this upcoming holiday.

I am thankful for.....

my husband who loves me no matter what

my family, who have supported me and encouraged me through all things

my friends, who have shown me loyalty and love in many different ways

my (well my familys) dogs, Bailey, Maiya, Molly, and Gracie, who have been a source of joy in my life

my job, for providing me with a fulfillment that touches my soul

my students, for teaching me new perspectives and bringing me small doses of joy each day

my wedding and honeymoon, which both have been two of the most important events in my life

my home, because it provides me shelter and warmth through all things

my new family, the Streets, for welcoming me with open arms and proving love is the greatest of all things

my grandmother, for being one of the most special people in my life

my new friends from Poland (especially Shelby, Lisa, and Gaea) who gave me strength to enjoy my experience in Poland while being homesick for my family and Colton and who taught me to appreciate all points of view

my God, who loves me as I am and gives me strength to face anything, walk any path, and enjoy what life has given me.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving!
XOXO, Devin

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Ramblings

School has been a little on the overwhelming side lately. I have been pulling my hair out trying to get all my kiddos passing. It seems there is an epidemic of not turning in your work (Ever) and I cannot seem to motivate them to get the work in. It has caused me many headaches lately and I keep hoping something will light a fire under their bottoms so they start turning in this late work.

Colton and I have been traveling back and forth to Lubbock a lot lately so we decided to stay home last weekend. It was so nice and relaxing. I think this is the first Halloween in a long time where we had no plans. We spent the weekend relaxing. On Saturday, Colton even went shopping with me for a bit to use some of our wedding gift cards. We completed our everyday dinnerware plates, pasta bowls, and salad plates. I am excited about this! We spent the afternoon watching football with Faye and Jason. I spent Sunday with my family while Colton went to the Cowboys game. It was a nice weekend.

I am getting antsy for the holidays. I keep "popping in" stores to see what new decorations they have for Christmas. It's only November 4 and I am already planning my holiday decorations and dreaming of candy canes and snow (yeah right, not in Texas!) It is so tempting to splurge on all the cute new items at Pottery Barn, Dillards, and Macys but so far I have reigned in my spending habits...for now.

We have four weddings coming up in the next three weeks. A family friend of ours is getting married this weekend and we are moving my sister to Austin. It should be a busy weekend and a busy month of weddings. I hope to find time to get some baking done before Thanksgiving. I have several new recipes I want to try!