Monday, June 21, 2010

Life in Transition

It's funny how things sneak up on you in life. You make plans, you talk about those plans, you think about those plans, and you even plan for those plans. But suddenly, when it's time to follow through, there is this pause, kind of like, wait! What am I doing? This would describe my head the last few days as I began packing for Lubbock.

Don't get me wrong...I am very excited to move to Lubbock and I WANT to move to Lubbock. It's just that C and I have been so busy lately with wedding activities, showers, birthday celebrations, and actual weddings that I have not had time to stop and really think about the fact that I am officially moving to Lubbock this Friday. I haven't really dealt with the emotional side of our plans...the part where I am moving 300 miles from my family and most of my friends. So, needless to say since I am very sensitive, I have had a couple of breakdowns (or meltdowns, whichever you prefer) this week. I already stress easily when it comes to big projects (funny how I am a teacher since I stress easily) so when the boxes came out this week the tears came too. Lucky for me, I have a great support system around me, starting with my wonderful husband who can deal with anything I throw at him. I think I caught him a little off guard but he knows me so well so he adapted quickly. Now that I am in Lubbock for training for my new job, I am managing those feelings the moment. :)
Last weekend my good friend Lizzy got married. The wedding was very pretty and lots of fun. She had a great band so the dance floor was packed all night. It was also fun to spend time with some of my closest girlfriends right before I move. Lizzy was a beautiful bride and her family is lots of fun. I think I may be getting too old for those late nights, though. My body just doesn't recover from those nights as well as it used to.

Colton's cousin JuLea got married this past weekend in Lubbock, which is why I am still here. No sense in flying back for one day just to return on Tuesday. Her wedding was outdoors at Spirit Ranch. She used peacocks for her theme and her colors were purple and lime green. It was a gorgeous color combination. Her dress was amazing, too. Lots of flowers all over...I am not doing it justice explaining it. It was a lot of fun and Colton's entire family was there, even Grandmommy! I love getting to see his family. It's always a good time.

Well, the official move is this Friday. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

School's Out for Summer!

Woohoo! Finally, the end of the school year is here. I thought it would never come. My last day working for Fort Worth ISD was officially Monday, June 7th. While I have enjoyed my time here in Fort Worth, I am looking forward to my new school in Lubbock. Friday was the last day with the kiddos and I only had to go in Monday for two hours or so to check out (which is a really detailed process of basically chasing administrators all over the school to get them to sign you out. fun!)

My first day of summer was actually rather busy. I came home from my two hour sprint through PHS to find the laundry basket overflowing. So began a full day of laundry, baking chocolate chip cookies (cravings....too hard to resist), making lunch for my husband (a  really elaborate way to say I made some mac n cheese), cleaning the kitchen, P90X, and making dinner for Colton. Now, I will say, dinner was more elaborate. Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans...a way to congratulate myself on making it to the end of the year. Funny how I always choose to reward myself with calorie laden foods. But man do they taste good!

Tuesday brought a little time by the pool, where I rescued a poor baby bird who had fallen in and could not get out. I also began my serious workout routine. I call it my serious workout routine because it involves me doing three different workouts a day...30 day shred, P90X, and some type of cardio. I realized that I had overlooked the fact in my euphoria that school was out that I now have absolutely no excuse not to work out and make myself feel comfortable in my own body. So...its time to get serious. I also enjoyed a little one on one time with Laura Bush. I am absolutely loving her memoir, Spoken from the Heart. I have literally laughed and cried while reading it but I am not done yet so I will post a review later when I finish.

Today, the realization set in that I am MOVING to LUBBOCK in three weeks and of those three weeks one is almost over and one will actually be spent in Lubbock at a training. What this means is I have exactly one week to pack up our whole life here. If you know me, you know I stress easily so imagine how poor Colton feels. Actually, so far I have taken it fairly well. I am extremely organized so I sat down today and made my to do list. I work well when I have a list to work off of and I like being able to cross things out. It makes me feel better.

So...with all these realizations about my short time schedule....I think I will take a walk with my hubby and procrastinate until Monday, after Lizzy's wedding weekend, to start. After all, my best work is done last minute...or at least I tell myself that!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bachelorette Re-Cap & Lady Gaga

May and June are proving to be filled with all things wedding related. Lots of showers, bachelor parties, and bachelorette parties to be followed with weddings in June. We have spent a busy May jetting across Texas to attend all these festivities all while trying to keep our sanity before we move. Our days in Fort Worth are numbered and soon we will be official residents of Lubbock. But until then, we plan to enjoy as much time with friends and family here. It has not really hit me that I will be moving away FOREVER in less than a month, I guesss because I am very excited. But the good Lord knows I will miss my parents and our cute dogs Bailey and Gracie. sister may be moving back to Fort Worth just when I leave. Boo!

The school year is winding down nicely. Finals and benchmarks have taken lots of time this May and I know the kiddos are ready to go. Just when I think I may go grey prematurely or pull my hair out one of them will step in and do something really fantastic. This was what happened last Friday. I had a frustrating morning reviewing them for finals. The day before I had handed out their end of year notes. Every year that I have taught, I create a typewritten letter (it has actually evolved into more of a brochure with quotes and song lyrics) but I hand write a note on each one for each student. It  is time consuming but I do it because I want them to know I care. Well, 7th period rolls around on Friday and one of my students presents me with a hand-made card about twenty minutes into class. It has a huge picture of Lady Gaga on the front (I lOVE her) with shards of those plastic dress up mirrors you played with when you were little artfully arranged in a collage around it. I thought"Sweet" and then opened it up. All my 7th period students had written a note in it. I cried! Ha. It was so sweet and the first time I have ever received a note from my entire class together. I have received letters from individuals before but this was the first time a class planned together. I loved it! I was reminded of why I teach and why even the most frustrating moments are worth it.

This past weekend was the bachelorette bash for my good friend Lizzy. We spent Saturday evening out and about in Dallas, hitting up Dragonfly for dinner first. Let me tell you the macaroni and cheese at Dragonfly is to die for. Delicious! After two hours of fellowship and wine, we headed off to S4 for a drag show. It was fun but we only stayed an hour. Next up...the PM lounge at the Joule. Very swanky and filled to the brim with people. It was a fun night of dancing with the girls and the bride seemed to enjoy herself quite nicely!

Next 80s themed 30th birthday bash! Four days and counting til summer.....