Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Temptation has a name.....

and that name is Cadbury Egg. Every year I eagerly await the Easter candy season with feelings of excitement and joy over the vastly superior (in my humble opinion) selection of candies. The mother of all those candies....the Cadbury Creme Egg....has long been a secret vice of mine. Okay okay...not so secret but nonetheless  I have enjoyed them for many years now. It all started when my father brought home these delicious creme filled chocolate eggs back when I was growing up. (I have no idea how long ago he first started getting them) I would eagerly wait each day before Easter to see if he had brought home any more eggs and in my haste to enjoy the yummy goodness of them I usually ate all of my allotment in the first two hours and would then resort to begging my sister to give me one of hers. (I sometimes think she did this on purpose to annoy me.) So began one of my Easter traditions and each year parents (my mom joined in on this eventually) would shower me with Cadbury eggs. When I went off to college, I would get care packages of them delivered to my dorm and my post college visits home would always end with a pack or two of Cadbury Creme Eggs. And then this year I had to go all crazy and give them up!

Yes, my friends, I have briefly parted ways with my Cadbury eggs. In a crazy plot twist, this year I am aiming to slim down a bit (baby, these hips don't lie) just in time for summer and swimsuit season. My upcoming reunion and vacation played a prominent role in this decision as well as my desire to just feel better about myself. So, with much trepidation, I gave up three things I love most for Lent....any chocolate in candy form, queso, and sodas. The only caveat to this is I do drink diet cola if I have an alcoholic beverage...Malilbu and orange juice just isn't the same. (Note- I am Methodist but I decided to participate in Lent this year.) Every year I claim I will give something up for Lent but this is the first year I am actually doing it. And let me tell...I have not cheated. Not once. No sodas, no queso, no chocolate candy until Easter weekend. It has been a struggle but I am managing.

To add insult to injury, upon her most recent visit to Lubbock, the weekend after Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, my mother brought me not one but TWO boxes of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Not only are there two of them staring me down every time I open up my refridgerator door but they are extra value packs, meaning there are five eggs in there instead of four. FIVE EGGS! Five eggs of yummy creamy chocolatey goodness just teasing me every day! And I am most proud to say I have not cheated once!

My diet these days consists mostly of meat, veggies, and fruits, with the occasional indulgence in white carbs or frozen yogurt (if you live this close to Bless your Heart, you have to make allowances for their yogurt). I have more energy and I feel a lot better, especially seeing the scale slide down every few days. But what, you might ask, about those delicious eggs?

Ask me about them again after Easter.....