Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mrs. Street!!!!

It's official! I am now Mrs. Street! Colton and I were married August 15, 2009 and it was the best day of my life. The wedding weekend was wonderful. Here is a recap.

On Friday, my bridesmaids and I went to have mani/pedis done at my favorite nail salon in Fort Worth, Skyline Nails. They did a great job and my girls enjoyed it. The rehearsal was at the church and it went very smoothly. The rehearsal dinner was at the Reata in downtown Fort Worth. We had it on the rooftop patio, which was a perfect location. It was not too hot and it was very relaxed and casual. On the menu- beef tenderloin, ribeye steaks, and tuscany chicken. It was delicious. It was a time of good food, family, friends, and fellowship. Colton's brother, Chase, started things off with a fun toast. My sister followed suit with a beautiful tribute to Colton and I. It was an amazing speech. It was the perfect way to spend my last evening as a single woman.

On Saturday morning, Colton's aunts were nice enough to throw a bridal luncheon at Jan's house. It was beautifully decorated in our color scheme and it was a lot of fun. All the aunts had matching aprons and they cooked all the dishes themselves! Great food. I need those cooking skills to rub off on me!

After brunch, we headed out to hair and make-up. My normal stylist,Connie, was doing my hair so we headed out to Lemongrass Salon for hair. Every one of my bridesmaids hair look amazing. The girls looked so beautiful with their hair swept up. We had make-up at the church with Kristin Allie, who did a fantastic job, and her assistant Dre. I received so many compliments on my makeup the day of the wedding. Kristin worked her magic and made me look stunning. I loved it.

After we had been pampered all afternoon, the girls settled in for some munching on snacks provided to us by the awesome church staff at University UMC in Fort Worth. A few of the bridesmaids also managed to get in some dancing in the back as well.

Photos took place and all of a sudden it was time to get ready. All day I was so calm and cool but right before the ceremony I got really nervous. When the doors opened and I looked down the aisle, I started crying! I think I cried most of the way down the aisle. It is all a blur. It felt like we were only up there for about ten minutes and then it was all over. We had a great time at the reception at Bass Hall. The food was good, the cake was amazing, and the band was AWESOME. It was fun to see all of our friends and family celebrating with us. I danced the night away with my bridesmaids and Colton. We rode off into the night in a horse drawn carriage to our honeymoon suite at the Omni. It was a perfect night to marry a perfect man. The whole night gleamed of love.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wedding Frenzy

I have been back for awhile now and have been super busy with not only my own wedding but attending others.

Colton and I traveled to San Angelo the weekend after I returned from Poland for our good friends Allison and Matt's wedding. We had a great time celebrating with them!

I have since been in wedding overdrive. I have been meeting vendors, calling people and making appointments, dealing with small crises, and trying to enjoy it all at once. Planning a wedding is definitely not easy. My favorite appointment was the my baker, Roshi, at Society Bakery. Her appointment ended with four cupcakes in a box with me on the way home. Peanut butter chocolate chip, banana chocolate chip, and two chocolate! Notice a theme? I absolutely love her bakery and she is a Red Raider to boot. It cannot get better than that. Even Ellen DeGeneres loves her cupcakes and ranked them top ten in the US!

Small details take up most of my time at the moment but I do feel like I am accomplishing things when I can cross things off my list. 9 days to go! Next week, I have to put together goody bags for guests. I have decided to bake my mother's homemade chocolate chocolate chip cookies as treats and hand those out with the itinerary I made. I think it will be cute and delicious!

I had my bachelorette party last weekend. It was a blast and it reminded me of what great friends I have. We had a lot of fun talking, laughing, and floating the rivers (Comal and Guadalupe) in New Braunfels. It really reminded me how special my sister is. She did a FANTASTIC job planning everything and going the extra mile to make it fun for me. I love her!

I think after all this wedding stuff settles down I may try to start training again for the half marathon at White Rock Lake in Dallas in December. Ask me how I feel about this decision after the wedding! :)