Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012- The year of possibilities

2011 was good to me. I wrapped up my first year of teaching at EHS and our first year in our new home, our goods friends the Cox's moved to Lubbock, made new friends, shared in the excitement of friends getting engaged and getting pregnant, traveled to Europe, visited New York City at Christmas, and found out we were pregnant with our first child. It has been a year of blessings and surprises. We are so lucky and so blessed. Our home is finally coming together and our life in Lubbock is blossoming.

As I spent time today and last night reflecting on the past year (as most do on New Year's), I couldn't help but smile to myself with anticipation for the year to come. We found out we are having a baby girl and she is due to arrive April 25th. Our lives have already begun to change as we prepare for our new addition. We are so excited to meet her.

As with all changes, the unknown can be intimidating and overwhelming at times as you question whether you will be good enough or be ready for what lies ahead. Fortunately for me, I have a wonderful support team surrounding me and, most importantly, my husband, who is my rock and my biggest encourager. As I embark on this new year and this new adventure of motherhood, I can't help but feel blessed to have such wonderful people surrounding me. I am so lucky. 2012- here's to a new year and a new journey. Happy New Year's!