Monday, July 26, 2010

July Musings

Summer is almost over! Can you believe it? I feel like I just left for the school year. I don't want to whine because I am lucky to have eight weeks off every summer but, geez, it feels like I have had no summer at all. I go back to work next week for professional development and the kiddos come back August 23. Crazy!

Last week, I went to cheer camp with the twelve varsity members of the cheer team at Estacado. Camp was held in Plainview at Wayland Baptist. It was actually a lot of fun and the girls did an awesome job. They worked really hard and made some great improvements. I am excited for the upcoming year.

Colton and I have been spending our free time working on the house. He made a comment the other day how if we were still in Fort Worth, we would probably be sitting on a patio on the weekends but here in Lubbock we do chores and work on the house. Ha! The joys of acting like a grown-up! The house is coming along though and we are starting to decorate some. My mother in law is coming this week to help me refinish an antique hutch my parents gave us. I cleaned the house yesterday and for the first time I wished for an apartment. Cleaning a real house is a pain! Literally! I think I pulled a muscle in my back. I will file that away for a future conversation with Colton about the need for a cleaning lady! :)

I spent the weekend after 4th of July in New Orleans. I really love that city. There is so much personality and culture. It has a rythym to it, something you feel while you are there. The people are friendly, the food is good, and the music is always flowing. My only suggestion...cheaper drinks. Susanna, one of my very best freinds, is getting married so we all flew into NOLA to celebrate her bachelorette party. We spent Friday at Pat Os and on Bourbon Street. Saturday, we toured the 9th ward and walked around Jackson Square before a nice dinner at Mr. B's Bistro and more fun on Bourbon. It was crazy to go down to the 9th ward and see the lack of recovery there.
**It is kind of sad how once something is out of the eye of the media the public no longer thinks of it. I am sure many people think its fully recovered, just as people think of Galveston.

Colton started work last week with his new office and he is really loving it. The people in Lubbock are so friendly. He really likes the staff and he gets along great with the other dentist, Jimmy.

Finally, the most important news I have to share.....WE GOT A DOG! His name is Louie and he is sooo cute! He is everything I said I didn't want and I love him to death. I always said I wanted a girl dog and I didn't like brindle. Of course, the dog Colton decides he wants is both male and brindle. Louie came home and I fell in love. He is a mixture of miniature dachshund and English bulldog (the mom was the bulldog!). He is about seven weeks old and he is lots of fun. He has a good disposition and gets along well with other dogs. We are having so much fun with our new addition! I posted pics on facebook if you want to see what he looks like.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Texas Tornado

Texas Tornado...this is what I feel like I have been lately. My "path" has taken me to Lubbock for training with my new school, back to Fort Worth for one night only to leave for Lubbock again with all that we own (minus our storage unit--> that is a whole different story), back to Fort Worth to blow through Crockett, Texas for the 4th of July, to find myself currently in Fort Worth. Of course, this has all taken place in two weeks and I am about to take another detour to New Orleans, LA for my good friend Susanna's bachelorette party. Talk about a whirlwind...I am pretty sure I may have left some destruction in my wake, probably in the form of my body (eating at random foods at random times is hard on the body...don't even show me a scale for at least two weeks, please)! It's been fun though and I am excited for my new life in Lubbock, though still a little apprehensive to leave the familiar. I guess that is what life is about, following the path God takes you to and hoping to find courage and comfort along the way. At least I have a handsome man to share this journey with!

Speaking of that handsome man, let's go back to that clip about the storage unit aforementioned. My dear, sweet husband did not order a large enough Uhaul for all of our stuff (who knew we had that much junk) so we could not even load up our storage unit. This means we left without some furniture and boxes so Colton now has to rent another Uhaul to bring up the rest of our stuff.

On the bright side, Colton's family has been really supportive and helpful so that is making the move much easier. Also, my awesome mom and grandma came up for a week to help me out. We unpacked, organized, made several trips all over Lubbock for things we needed (and Baskin Robbins ice mom is obsessed), and cleaned. Well, they cleaned while I was at cheer practice. They did so much for me, even cooking dinner every night. It was so nice and I know Colton and I will be returning to our brand new home that is clean and ready to go. What a nice feeling!

In other, unimportant news, I caved in and switched over to AT&T cell service, which means I am now a proud Iphone user. It was really because Colton wanted to consolidate all of our tv/phone/internet service under one bill but the Iphone is a nice perk. However, its a little addicting and I am going to have to work hard not to lose my manners because its so easy to be on it ALL the time. I really hate that people are so tied to their phones that they cannot even enjoy a dinner with texting or using some app. So, note to self, do Not become one of those people.

Finally, Colton celebrated 29 years of life yesterday. Happy birthday babes!