Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's...a little early

I woke up this morning to an unexpected surprise....cancelled classes due to inclement weather! Normally, you would think as an adult I would lament the fact that I would be losing a day of instruction. Instead, I squealed with joy as I pushed snooze on my alarm clock and thought of all the extra reading time I would have today. Most of the morning was spent playing on the internet and reading in the know...the things most mature adults do on their days off. No? Oh...well, that's what I did. Since the hubs and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day a little early due to basketball games tomorrow night that I must attend, I had to run out to the store in search of the perfect card. We do not do a "big" Valentine's deal...usually just dinner. But, as a fan of expressing my feelings whenever given the opportunity, I never let the chance to buy a card pass me by. I love to give cards or notes. Hubs could probably do without but he has now been married to me long enought to realize the mistake of not having a card on a special occasion. Just ask him about the time he read his birthday card and then proceeded to toss it in the trash. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

However, this Valentine's Day is special, I realized. Its our last Valentine's Day with it being just "us". From now on, we will have to share this holiday with our daughter and it will never be just the two of us again. Of course, I am thrilled about this and I know future Valentine's occasions will be more special because we will have a daughter to share it with. But, it does leave me feeling a little sentimental. So, since my pregnant hormones are raging more than ever, I thought I would reflect on why I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband.

10. He makes me laugh, even when I am mad at him and don't want to.
9. He helps me realize not to sweat the small stuff and to not take things so seriously when in the big scheme of things they don't really matter.
8. He brings me down a notch when I need it (which of course isn't often) :)
7. He is intelligent and likes to talk to me about his work and mine.
6. He lets me talk about my work all the time and tell stories about my kiddos, even if he has heard them already.
5. He realizes how much I love what I do and he encourages me. He wants to know the kids I love and he gives me good advice when I talk to him about things from school.
4. He shares my love of traveling and will join in on my daydreaming about our next vacation. He makes these dreams happen for me.
3. He builds up my confidence and values my opinions.
2. He loves our families and our dog in a way that shows me he will always be a family man and I can depend on him to support me and our family no matter what.
1. He is a strong Christian man who is not afraid to talk about his faith and he will be a good role model for our daughter. He has inspired me to explore my faith more deeply.

This Valentine's I am also thankful that our daughter will get a father that will teach her right from wrong, value her opinions, show her what a good man looks like and acts like, teach her to be a good Christian, and love her unconditionally. I am so very lucky to have been blessed by God with a man who loves me so strongly and deeply.

I hope you feel blessed this Valentine's Day, too. May love fill your day tomorrow!

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