Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reese's Baptism

Today was a special day. Reese was baptized at our church, First United Methodist Church, in front of family and friends. It was very special for me because as I stood there and looked down the VERY LONG row of family standing with us (we had 19 family members standing with us) I realized how very lucky we are to have such a strong family to support us. I know Reese will feel the love and support of our strong family for years to come and it brings tears to my eyes. It really impressed upon me the importance of family.

Reese, of course, did her part playing the cute baby. She actually made it through the entire service with only a few, random cries, mostly strategically placed during a prayer when everyone was quiet. She went to our preacher and let him carry her down the aisle while the congregation sang "Jesus Loves Me" and only cried a little when he placed the water on her head. It was a very special experience.

After the service, all our families came back to our house and we had a cook-out in the backyard. Colton was excited to show off his new outdoor kitchen he built this summer. All in all, it was a special day we will always remember.


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